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We are Rian, Elijah, and Jai Hedrick. Each of us bring something unique to our quaint family, but we all have an abundance of love for each other. We have recently decided that the “American Dream”, is not our family dream. By giving up our normal comforts and hopping around the world, we hope we can piece together our dream.

Rian grew up as a Navy brat and was able to live and travel all over the globe. She has lived in the United States, Spain, South Korea, and Japan. Her early exposure to traveling and experiencing different cultures has given her the travel bug for life. Since having our son, Jai, Rian has predominantly been a domestic goddess and has stayed home to help raise him. Her job staying home has also allowed her to continually create her life’s passion, art. You can see what she has been up to HERE. When Rian is not at home, she is volunteering in the Richmond, Virginia community teaching art to inner-city middle school girls or autistic adults. For the past 11 summers she has also worked at Virginia Commonwealth University: School of the Arts, her alma mater. She climbed the chain of command at the VCUarts Pre-College Summer Intensive, a program that helps high-schoolers prepare an art portfolio for college. Art, family, and travel are always on her mind. Other random facts about Rian: Harry Potter nerd, loves cooking and changing the recipes, enjoys wearing costumes for themed parties, is most relaxed when looking at some body of water.


Elijah is an auditory learner. Elijah is also confused as to why his ‘about me’ section began like that, instead of mentioning that he grew up in northern Virginia and has a sexy man beard. When writing in 3rd person, he can hear every word that he types in his own exaggerated movie-trailer voice. Elijah works in production at a television station, but has also held various management jobs. He is a vinyl record collector and loves any music that has a ‘groove’ to it. He loves nothing more than playing Dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles, or Lion King with his son. As a cancer survivor, he looks at every sunrise with a smile. He is a book reader and knowledge seeker. He is an introvert, mostly. Elijah is teaching himself to play the guitar, he’s not a consistent practicer, but with effort you could decipher the song he was trying to play, or so he thinks. Let’s finish this with a flurry; Psyduck was the best Pokemon, pickles are his mortal enemies, he bleached his hair blonde in 6th grade, he has a sweet-tooth and eats toasted-croissants with nutella one after another until they vanish or his wife yells at him for not sharing.

Jai rounds out the Hedrick family. He is whimsical like Rian and affectionate like Elijah. In the car you can find Jai singing along to the latest hit or requesting specific songs off someone’s smart phone. He is easy going, independent, and caring towards others. However, like all 3.5 year olds, he has a ton of energy that he has to use up during the day. Jai spends his free time playing his favorite Ninja Turtle or stomping around like a giant dinosaur. He is super excited about traveling and continuously ask questions about the places we plan to visit.

We hope you enjoy our journey.


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About Us

Jai is the fearless four year old explorer. Elijah is searching the cosmos for answers. Rian is finding inspiration in everyday objects. All three make up the Hedrick family.

Contact Us: thumbtacks.blog@gmail.com

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