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When we are not off globetrotting, we are exploring what is in our own backyard here in Richmond, Virginia. Jai enjoys his weekly trips to the public library to check out books. He definitely is a regular at our neighborhood library, and it was no surprise to the librarians when we all showed up dressed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes to film this short video. In order to capture our super awesome crime fighting moves, we also visited our neighborhood public park. Jai has an infinite amount of imagination that can transport him to different worlds. Elijah and I decided to hop on Jai's creativity train and go to Ninja Turtle Town. He reminds us to venture out in our own area. The phrase, "There is a whole world to discover", doesn't only pertain to far off places, it can also mean what is in your hometown. We encourage you to go out and see what your town has to offer.

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Jai is the fearless four year old explorer. Elijah is searching the cosmos for answers. Rian is finding inspiration in everyday objects. All three make up the Hedrick family.

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