A Disney World/Land Must Have

If you are going to Disney World, we have one bit of advice for you… download the My Disney Experience app and utilize the FastPass+. It will save you from standing in lines for hours on rides and attractions.

FastPass+ is complimentary with the purchase of a ticket to any Disney World park and allows you to reserve times for rides, so that you do not have to wait as long. Most rides had a Standby (normal line) wait time of 40-60 minutes, but with our FastPass+ we were able to wait 0-15 minutes for most attractions. You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that this will free up your day for more exploring, dining or riding. No cranky kids or adults here.

Once you have your individual ticket number, link it to the My Disney Experience app and you will be able to schedule rides 30 days before your visit to the parks. Each ticket is allowed THREE FastPass+ reservations for everyday that you visit a Disney park. If you were to use your three FastPasses, ONE additional FastPass+ (hence, the ‘+’) will be added to your app. If you use your “Bonus” FastPass+, you will get another one and so on until the park closes each night. We were able to use FastPass+ 6 times in one day!

Many people use FastPass+ to reserve a spot on the more popular rides. The new Pandora experience in Disney’s Animal Kingdom had a standby wait-time of 75-90 minutes, consistently. With FastPass+ we were able to ride the Na’vi River Journey in under 15 minutes. While we did use the FastPasses for some of the more popular rides, we mostly used it to skip lines on all the kid’s rides. Jai rode the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin shooter 3 times. Emperor Zurg never stood a chance.

The app itself has many useful features for a trip to the world that Walt built. We actually didn't even get to use all of them. One feature offers a digital map of the parks that will highlight things like restaurants and bathrooms, but it also offers the wait times for all rides. With a quick glance you can see which rides to avoid and which ones you will be able to hop right on if you can’t use a FastPass+.

Not sure if you want to buy that funny photo from Space Mountain right then and there? The My Disney Experience app will store all the photos that were taken on coasters and rides. It also allows you to view the professional photos that Disney employees might take of you in front of the Cinderella’s Castle and various other landmarks. All you do is touch your Disney World ticket/wristband to the scanner, usually below the ride photos or with the photographer, and your photos are transferred onto your app. It’s that simple. We found that you are able to download the photos from the rides directly to your phone without charge, but to download the professional ones without a watermark, you will need to purchase the photos, which you can also do through the app.

While this is a free app, it didn’t seem like most people knew about it. By utilizing this, you will be able to see more, stand in line less and everyone gets to be happy. Take advantage of it and make your Disney Experience a bit smoother.

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